The New Habits You Need To Change Your Life

As the year comes close to an end, it’s the season for resolutions. If, like many others, you’ve already given in to cynicism born from past resolutions made and not kept, allow us to try and change your mind. Because there’s an amazing transformation awaiting you on the other side. We’ve kept it simple – no crazy physical feats or tough to follow diets.

Small steps of exercise everyday

Forget the gym and yoga class sign ups that will get wasted. Start small. Simple exercises that can be easily fit into your day and schedule. Quick crunches, stretches, standing and working at your desk for short intervals, short walks wherever and whenever possible or even better, take the stairs at work.

Go blank

Meditate. All you need is 10-15 minutes per day. Maybe in the mornings or in the night before you hit the bed. If possible, try it during an office break too. With all the information our brains deal with daily, it’s good and restful, to go blank sometimes.

Introduce herbal in your lifestyle

A cup of herbal tea is the easiest way to do so. It is the perfect antidote to stress. There are many powerful herbs around us. Infused with tea, they can help in a variety of ways – from inducing restful sleep to invigorating us when we feel lethargic.

Take more breaks at work

Our sedentary lifestyle combined with stress is one of the prime reasons why young professionals experience faster burnout and lifestyle diseases. So, get off the desk more often, walk within the office or if possible take a few rounds outside the office. Ditch the lift unless absolutely necessary.

Learn one new thing

You don’t have to sign up for multiple classes – language, music or carpentry. Pick any one. Start like a beginner, take small steps and commitments. They are easier to stick to.


If learning languages or music is not your thing, perhaps you can put your existing skills to use for the betterment of the underprivileged. Sign up with a cause you believe in and donate something more valuable than money – your time. It is also said that people who volunteer lead fuller, richer and healthier lives. Now, that’s two birds with one stone.

Eat less, eat well

No, we’re not giving you a diet. But we have one word to emphasise – control. Reduce your portions and exposure to food from outside – maybe just two meals on weekends. Reduce your stock of fried and processed snacks at home. Replace them with fresh fruits, almonds and more.

Drink well

Stay hydrated. And if you’re a tea addict, explore a world of teas that go beyond the usual. Tea Aroma’s herbal teas are designed to address specific needs of your body at specific times. Explore our range, see what suits your lifestyle and watch yourself transform into a healthier and happier person.