Organic Filter Coffee


From the tribal region of Araku Valley
Weight : 200g



A piping hot cup of coffee with its irresistible aroma is what many of us love to wake up to! It kickstarts our day with a burst of energy! To be a part of your morning ritual we, at cafe paraiso, have expanded our range and curated this unique blend of organic filter coffee. The coffee comes directly from the highlands of the Araku Valley, in the Eastern Ghats of India. At an elevation of about 3200 ft, Araku is famous for its coffee plantations and its unique flavour all over the world. The coffee beans that are hand-picked by farmers in the Araku valley are processed and roasted with utmost precision. We have further enhanced the gourmet experience by blending it with chicory which provides an earthy and nutty taste that can be savoured by all palates. Chicory also provides an added health benefit of controlling blood sugar and improving digestive health. Our coffee is certified organic, handpicked and roasted to perfection. There are no artificial chemical substances, such as certain additives or some pesticides and herbicides. So what are you waiting for….rise and shine with your daily cup of joy and vigour!


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