Dark Chooclate Instant Coffee

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The choicest batches of high-grade Arabica coffee beans are hand-picked from select plantations of the finest estates in Coorg exclusively for you. Arabica variety is popularly known for its subtle sweetness with a tropical hint of berries. When slow roasted fragrant beans intermingle with Rich & bold flavors of mint chocolate, it exudes warmth & fills air with perfumed decadence making it irresistible. The sweetness from medium – dark roast blend on these luxurious beans amalgamates with the bitterness from the natural & nature – identical essence of Dark Chocolate to brew Cafe Paraiso’s aromatic cup of pure indulgence. The classic combination of Cafe Paraiso’s coffee with Dark Chocolate makes for a perfect marriage made in heaven. Chocolate compliments the bitterness of coffee & helps in providing freshness. Be it a shot of espresso, a hot latte, a cold frappe or a Dalgona, this instant coffee powder comes in a smart pack to accompany on your travel and whips you a delightful cuppa straightaway. A mystical cup of instant coffee from Café Paraiso gives your metabolism a natural boost and delivers the truest taste of coffee. Café Paraiso is carefully packed to keep the natural flavors and aromas intact with a long shelf life of 12 months if you store it in a cool and dry place. It contains no added-sugar and is 100% vegetarian, vegan, and hassle-free!


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