Blending Herbs for Weight Loss – Slimming Herbal Tea

Four Herbs and their benefits

Fortunately, our ancient knowledge system of Ayurveda is a treasure trove of herbal knowledge and an organic guide to the holistic lifestyle. Scientifically endorsed and naturally fortified, these following herbs are our health warriors in our fight against the unwanted fat. So let’s weigh in our options and put things in the right scale.

Organic Green Tea:

It is a ‘non-fermented’ and ‘non-oxidized’ tea which contains more catechin (antioxidants) than black tea or oolong tea. The most abundant catechin in tea, EGCG inhibits the breakdown of the hormone Norepinephrine. The nervous system uses this hormone to send signals to the fat cells to break down more fat.

The much-maligned caffeine in the tea significantly increases the thermogenesis (production of heat). A combination of EGCG and caffeine creates a synergetic interaction that adds value in managing obesity. This boosts metabolism by releasing fat into the bloodstream. The oxidation of fat leads to more energy. This in turns makes us more active and helps us burn more fat during physical exercises. This leads to getting rid of more calories.

The diuretic effect of tea enhances the removal of excess fluid from our body thus helping us slim down and detox effectively.

Garcinia Cambogia:

A native to the Western Ghats, Kokum or Garcinia cambogia, is claimed to be a natural substance for weight loss.

It helps in reducing appetite, so you do not feel hungry at odd hours and eat more than your required amount. It is also claimed to reduce fat production in your body and burn belly fat.

Terminalia Chebula:

Commonly known as Haritaki in India, this herbal ingredient can improve the function of your digestive system. It helps prevent constipation and clears lumped wastage from the colons and intestinal tracts.

By cleaning the digestive system, Terminal chebula or Haritaki can alleviate toxic baggage from your liver, which often pose as the roadblock towards losing weight.

It’s also a natural detoxifier. It helps increase the oxygen levels in the blood flow and get rid of low energy and lethargy.

Senna Leaves:

Senna leaves possess a great laxative effect. It helps you to get rid of occasional constipation that often occurs due to low-fiber diets. Besides, as it is a low-calorie solution, it also helps to boost your fluid intake so you eat less and yet feel full.

Senna leaves are also great at eliminating toxins and waste from the large intestine. This helps you to absorb nutrients and achieve optimal metabolism, which expedites weight loss.

Moringa Leaves:

Known as the ‘miracle tree’, the Ayurveda verses correlates the power of Moringa in lowering bad cholesterol and improving cholesterol metabolism. Fiber in this herb slows down food absorption and therefore checks the rise of blood sugar. When blood sugar rises, we’re more likely to store fat than burn it.

Chlorogenic Acid, an antioxidant present in the leaves balances blood sugar and acts as a fat burner. Moringa provides nutrients without adding calories. It is a good source of vitamin A. The deficiency of vitamin A can interfere with the production of thyroid hormones which slows down metabolism.

The lowering of insulin resistance may prevent accumulation of excess fat. The diuretic and anti-inflammatory effect enable reduction of fluid retention.

Sea Buckthorn Leaves:

“The holy fruit of the Himalayas’ is called the ‘Oil of life’ in Tibet. This herb contains all the omega fatty acids including the rare Omega 7. It helps us stay slim by signaling the body not to use excessive calories from meals and therefore stopping storage of excessive fat. It increases levels of hormone Cholecystokinin (CCK) which may initiate the sensation of fullness.

It has over 190 bioactive nutrients and minerals, high levels of carotenoids and Vitamins A, C, E and K. It is a good source of flavonoids which may increase energy expenditure, decrease fat absorption and work as anti-inflammatories. And they have antioxidative qualities, too.

Stevia Leaves:

Refined sugar is a leading cause of obesity. Substituting sugar with stevia which is 300 times sweeter and with minimal aftertaste helps in weight management. It is an herb that grows wild in parts of Paraguay and Brazil. It enables regulating blood sugar and reducing craving. It is a zero-calorie food. Stevia leaves contain various vitamins and minerals, like vitamin C and A, rutin, zinc, magnesium, and iron.

It is also rich in antioxidants. Consumption of stevia leads to a significant reduction in bad cholesterol, triglyceride, and LDL levels.

The perfect blend of herbs
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